Every good and perfect gift is from above.
~James 1:17

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What to do on those cold days

We've had some pretty cold days here lately. The temperature has hovered around zero, often dipping below that. And when you factor in the wind chill...brrr!!! Grant and Katie love to play outside in the snow, but on these especially cold days, we all stay snug and warm inside.

Katie has been enjoying the time spent inside by playing with her new doll house. She received some birthday money and while we were wandering around at an antique store, spied this cute doll house. It came with all the furniture in it, too. Since it was on sale, Katie was able to put some birthday money toward it and Mommy and Daddy kicked in the rest. I have been noticing doll houses at antique stores now and I have seen that the price is usually a little more than what we payed, but never includes the furniture. The furniture pieces are all sold separately, so I think we got it for a song!

Watching Katie play with her new doll house and all the cute furniture reminds me of when I was a girl and played with doll furniture that had been my mom's when she was girl. How I wish I had kept those pieces! But, I sold them at a garage sale. :-( Some lady sure got a deal that day!

We have more cold days ahead and the doll house will be waiting. :-)

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Anonymous said...

The doll house is beautiful! I always wished I had one. My uncle built his daughter a big 2 story doll house. It was beautiful. I couldn't help but envy it and every time we visited, I couldn't wait to play with the house.Yes, I remember our garage sale where a woman bought the furniture. Afterwards, I felt bad about it too. But that is ancient history. Kevin called me the day Grandma Sparks died. It was a blessing that she is out of this world. Dad had left him a mess. Kev and I talked alot about her and all the good memories over the years. I admit I kind of broke down and was on the verge of tears. I don't think Kev knows how to accept real emotion, and kept saying, It's ok mom, don't cry. I've always felt honored that I had the privilege to be part of that family so many years. Kev said he was going to call Dad, then let me know what was going to happen. I haven't heard from him. He said burial was not going to be til March, which sounded odd to both of us, but maybe that isn't true. I'm sure Dad informed you and imagine you will drive down for the funeral as you did for Grandpa. It is kind of an end of an era. I'm just glad I had a part in their lives. I didn't know until I was accepted into the family, that such nice people existed. They accepted you as you were and always felt so comfortable being there. I'm so glad you and Kevin had such a good influence from Grandparents.It touched me that Kevin would even think of me in this situation, and thought it was important to him to call me. Sometimes your brother really surprises me, and I am happy when he thinks of me. Love, Mom