Every good and perfect gift is from above.
~James 1:17

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Am I Old Enough?

Grant has wanted a pocketknife for awhile now, but we have told him that he wasn't ready for one yet. This Christmas we decided that he had shown himself responsible enough that we could trust him with one. On Christmas morning, he found a pocketknife in his stocking and exclaimed, "A pocketknife! I'm old enough for a pocketknife!" And then he looked at us and asked, "Am I old enough?" Ha~ha! You can tell what Katie thought of the whole thing by her expression of disbelief! :-)

A couple more favorite gifts that the kids received this year are The Dangerous Book For Boys for Grant and a bridesmaid outfit for Katie's Samantha doll, both from Grandma Dar. :-)


tongue in cheek said...

You have also given him the gift of believing in himself. To trust in himself! He is wise enough and ready.

Rootin' Tutens said...

It's a 'right of passage' for a young man to accept a new responsibility. I wish more men took it upon themselves to 'train' their sons. If you look back in history, boys had to pass tests to move on to a new level of responsibility, they worked as interns for a master, they knew what was expected of them and where they were going. Today it's all about making money. You'd probably like "Raising a Modern Day Knight".

Hope you had a great Christmas. I left a comment on your anniversary too, forgot I was down there!
Blessings, Susan