Every good and perfect gift is from above.
~James 1:17

Monday, August 13, 2007


For someone who has been asking, here is a picture of me in my new glasses. I am not real crazy about them and am already thinking about the style I will get next. When I got these, I had tried on too many glasses and was just so sick of the whole thing. My husband said these were the best of the bunch we had narrowed it down to, so I went with them. They are okay, but I kind of wish I had gotten a different shape and maybe a brownish color. But, here they are and this is what I will have to use for now. At least I can see! :-)


Donna Boucher said...

I think they are adorable!!

I have an inkling that I will end up with rectangles myself :o)

Super cute and feminine!

~Kim said...

Thanks, Donna. I tried on some that were a little more "funky" and I kind of wish I had just gone with one of those styles, but these will do for now. I can't wait to see yours! :-)

LisaChar said...

You look sharp!

Anonymous said...

KimSue!! I'm so glad you finally got glasses. Isn't it wonderful to see again. I have a pair like that. Wearing them now. They are very lightweight and comfy. And you look just fine in yours. We are always more critical of ourselves. I know what you mean by trying on so many you don't know what you want. Thanks to Erika's patience, I did decide but she was the main one that told me what I looked good in. Every pair she brought me, I said I looked so ugly,but thanks to her, she convinced me otherwise. We are always so hard on ourselves. I'm so glad the kids are still learning to swim. I think everyone should learn, just in case. But some people have such a fear of water, there's no way for them. So good talking to you the other day. Love, Mom