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~James 1:17

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bridge Collapse

Many have heard by now of the terrible tragedy that happened last night in Minneapolis. It was rush hour. People were in their cars, backed up bumper to bumper, as they headed home from work. The interstate took them over the Mississippi River on a huge bridge. I have been over that bridge. You hardly notice that you are actually on a bridge because it is such a wide interstate highway. Last night at 6:05 pm that bridge collapsed. It is unthinkable that something like this could happen. There was a school bus full of children that had just crossed the bridge before the bridge fell into the river. All of the children got out safely, but oh how scary it must have been for them. We are praying for the families touched by this tragedy.

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Donna Boucher said...

Hi Kim,
I didn't realize you lived in that area.
How shocking to have such a big bridge go down.
I think the lack of deaths is really amazing.
When tragedies like this happen I feel reminded how fragile is life.