Every good and perfect gift is from above.
~James 1:17

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tooth Out, Photos Taken, Carpets Clean

Well, the tooth FINALLY came out! Kate was brushing her teeth and grabbed for the spot of white that flew out of her mouth before it could be lost down the drain. She got a hefty haul from the tooth fairy next morn. ;-)

Today I had to take both Grant and Kate for their dance photos. Kate was first, with three changes of costume. Oh, it was quite a sight...little girls hopping and spinning around in various colors of tutus and sequins, as well as a few boys in more boyish looks. We finally got her in and out of all the costumes with the right shoes, bows, pants, tutus for each dance and she and I were both pretty pooped when it was finally all over! So, naturally, we took some "girl time" and went to Panera for lunch! We love Panera!:-)

When I went back to the dance studio later for Grant's photos, there were less people milling around and everything just seemed much calmer. He only had one costume to change into for his hip-hop dance and then we were out of there!

While I was running the kids to and from their dance photo sessions, my husband took on the task of moving all the furniture, renting a carpet cleaner and cleaning all the carpets in the house! Wow! By the time Grant and I got home, he was moving most of the furniture back into place. It's like magic--when I left the carpets were dirty and when I came home they were clean! :-)

So, that was our Saturday. We got things done that needed to be done and we're glad it's over! But, we also had fun along the way.

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