Every good and perfect gift is from above.
~James 1:17

Friday, May 12, 2006

Art Class

A couple of weeks ago, Grant and Kate had the privilege of attending an art class taught by Barry Stebbing of How Great Thou Art Publications. I had heard Mr. Stebbing speak at our local homeschool conference and really appreciated his perspective of helping people see God as an Artist and to give them skills to glorify Him through art.

Mr. Stebbing and his wife, Saundra, have been travelling around the country to teach art to home schoolers. The classes have about 100 in attendance and are comprised of kids of all ages. They meet for two and a half hours, three days in a row. It was a fantastic experience for my kids! They both have been applying some of the things they learned from Mr. Stebbing and have more of an awareness of the beauty and colors all around them.

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Jen said...

What a great thing to be able to do with other home school families!