Every good and perfect gift is from above.
~James 1:17

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Easter Egg Hunt

We hosted a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt the day before Easter. After everyone gathered in our driveway, Dave explained the rules, said, "go!" and they were off! When all the eggs were found, everyone moved to the garage. The kids sat on a piece of carpet and their parents sat in chairs behind them. I was able to share the Easter story and the gospel using the Resurrection Eggs. It was a great way to connect with neighbors and also share what we believe in a very non-threatening way since it was aimed at the kids. We had donuts, coffee and juice for snacks after the story. Everyone received a DVD of The Story Of Jesus For Children as a special Easter present. Hopefully, they will be watched and will help many kids and their families come to know Jesus personally.


Jen said...

that is such a neat idea...many churches in our area hosted large easter egg hunts but, I haven't heard doing this...I hope that children's and parent's hearts were touched by what was shared...what was in the eggs you shared? (the resurrection ones?)

~Kim said...

Hi Jenny!
The eggs are put out by CCC's Family Life ministry and they have symbols of the resurrection in them, like a little strip of leather to represent the whip the soldiers whipped Jesus with and the last egg is empty because the tomb was empty. You can buy them at Walmart. They are in a purple plastic egg carton and are called, "Resurrection Eggs." It is a great visual way to share the Easter story!