Every good and perfect gift is from above.
~James 1:17

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Neighborhood fun

We have always wanted our kids to have friends in the neighborhood to play with. When I was a kid, I spent my days playing up and down the street with neighborhood kids of all ages. We built forts, played on our tire swing and played endless variations of freeze tag, (t.v. tag, cartoon tag, car tag, candy tag, etc.) Most of the time, everyone played at our house because we had a huge front yard with two big shade trees, which was the ideal spot for all those rounds of tag.

My kids have gotten to know a few of the kids on our street, but usually there are only a couple around at a time for them to play with. And I am not comfortable allowing my kids the same freedom to run loose in the neighborhood that I had as a kid. But, today, things changed.

There just happened to be several kids who spend some weekends with one parent here outside today, along with my kids, and pretty soon some kids from the street behind us had joined them. They ran around mostly in our yard and then my daughter and a couple of girls came in and played house for awhile. Then they all ran outside again to chase each other around the house or swing on the swingset.

Dave and I actually sat and had a cup of tea and were able to talk for a couple of hours! We could see everyone from the living room window. It finally was happenning and it was glorious! :-) After awhile the parents of two little girls came over to check on their kids and we got to visit with them a bit. It is nice to get to know the neighbors and we hope our kids will have many fun times ahead playing with the neighborhood kids! What a great day! :-)

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