Every good and perfect gift is from above.
~James 1:17

Friday, November 16, 2007

Field Trip

The moms in the co-op we belong to take turns organizing field trips that families can sign up for. Recently I organized a field trip to Here's Life Inner City to put together gospel bead bracelets for an outreach called Boxes of Love. Here's Life coordinates volunteers who pack boxes of food at Thanksgiving that will be distributed by urban churches to people in their neighborhoods. Along with the food, the bracelets are put in the boxes as a way for those delivering the boxes to share the gospel. The kids had a good time putting the bracelets together, and got an opportunity to have a part in helping families in need.


Anonymous said...

So much has happened since I viewed last. I'm so glad you are with the Inner City group. What an education for the kids to be part of it. I didn't know you were getting a new computer. What kind is it and how did it come about. This is such a wonderful journal showing your lives. When they are grown, it will be fun to look at it and rembember the young years. All is fine here so there is nothing for you to worry about in AZ.Thanks for sending me the pamphlet on Here's Life. Love, Mom

LisaChar said...

Ah, Boxes of Love ... we handed out many of those at the Denver Christmas conference. Sounds like a fun field trip.