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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Our Curriculum

Here is the curriculum we are using for this year of homeschooling. Grant is in 3rd grade and Kate is in 2nd.

Reading, phonics, spelling, manuscript writing
Writing Road To Reading (Reading Works)

Abeka readers and workbooks

Library books

Introduce cursive
Abeka cursive workbook

Math-U-See (Kate-Beta, Grant-Gamma)

The Story Of The World, Vol.3:Early Modern Times (1600-1850) (Book and Activity Book)

Astronomy, Earth Science, Plant Life (Using ideas from The Well-Trained Mind)

How Great Thou Art

Co~op Art Class (Taught by me :-))

Color The Classics (Godly Composers & Christmas Classics)

Co~op Music Class

Piano Lessons (Kate)

Fall Soccer (Local Recreational City League)

Co~op P.E. Class

Wrestling (Grant)

YMCA Gym & Swim Homeschool Class

Playing outside with friends :-)

Other Activities
We don’t have a formal Bible curriculum, but Dave reads the Bible to Grant & Kate most mornings and they are involved in our church’s AWANA program.

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LisaChar said...

I've heard great things about Abeka. And I've thumbed through the Well-Trained Mind. Looks like you're pretty well organized .. and will have a great year!