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~James 1:17

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Homeschool Class at the Zoo

Last week the kids took part in a class for homeschoolers at the local zoo about animals in the African Savannah. I was impressed with what a great job the people from the zoo did at presenting the information in an interesting way and letting the kids have fun as they learned. Part of the time was spent in a classroom and the rest was spent outside looking at the animals.

After class, we explored the zoo a little longer and the kids got to ride a carousel in the park, before we started for home.

Baby giraffe up close and personal. :-)

Fun on the carousel.


I am... said...

that sounds like such a fun experience! much better than just reading it out of a book! :)

LisaChar said...

Oh how fun! Homeschooling allows for great experiences just like that one... what a great thing!