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~James 1:17

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Birthday?

Poor Katie! Two days before her seventh birthday she started coming down with something. We planned to celebrate on Saturday with a small family party, even though her actual birthday is today. Well, on Saturday she had a fever and a cough, although she still wanted to open presents and eat birthday cake! :-) (She also insisted on wearing the dress and crown she wore to her princess party last year.) We kept an eye on her, but went ahead with our celebration.

Today we saw the doctor, where Kate was subjected to a blood test and a swab HIGH up in both nostrils to test for the flu. That was awful. She has the flu and her asthma is acting up as well. Grant also has a fever and cough, so he is taking the same medication as Katie. He didn't have to go through the nasal swabbing, though, because they just assume since Katie has the flu, that is what he has, too.

After we left the doctor's office, we headed to the pharmacy where we spent $100 in co~pays for all the meds for both kids! What a day! As Katie said when we got home, "This is NOT a fun birthday!"

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Jen said...

So cute that she wanted to wear the crown and dress...too bad she was sick on her birthday. It seems like the flu stuff going around is especially bad this year, even down here. A couple elementary schools in the area have closed for long weekends because there aren't enough teachers there and the classrooms are about 1/2 full plus, they wanted to disinfect major areas in the schools (like drinking fountains, etc.) to stop it from continuing! :)