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~James 1:17

Monday, August 21, 2006

Homeschool Co-op Camping Trip

Every year several families in the co-op we are a part of go camping at a small privately-owned campground about an hour away. This tradition has been going on for the past seven years. Our family has joined the group three times now and it has become the highlight of the summer for my kids.

Since the campground is small, most of the people camping there are from our group. It is kind of like a little city of campers where the kids can safely run around. There is a playground, a baseball field, a private lake with a swimming area and some canoes and paddle boats you can take out on the lake. The area is surrounded with woods. The kids play ALL DAY long and at night they play, "night games," in which the older kids hide and the little kids try to find them and then they switch and the big kids hide. The younger kids have a harder time finding the big kids! :-) Everyone wears dark clothing and runs around with flashights and has a BLAST!

While the night games are going on, the adults gather at picnic tables in a shelter and play games. The last couple of years the game of choice was, "Settlers Of Catan," which I finally learned how to play this year. It is pretty fun.

The first couple of years that we went camping with the co-op, we camped in our tent. This year we borrowed some friends' tent-trailer camper and now we are spoiled forever! :-) It was so nice staying in the camper!

We just got home last night from the homeschool campout and now I am facing all the laundry that needs to be done! It is hard to believe that summer is coming to an end soon and school will be starting in a couple of weeks!


Jen said...

sounds like you had tons of camping fun! what a great group of people to be able to hang around with your children.

sorry about the laundry though! that's no fun at all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mikesells...Am keeping current with the blog. It is a great way of learning about what is going on with the family. What a wonderful way to keep a journal, as I have said before. I am doing fine. I had a day last week with my friend Joyce which., excuse me, is known as the day from Hell. Erika and I went to Donna's new apt yesterday and both took her things she needed and we did not use anymore. Her boyfriend, Bob, came over this am and picked up furniture I didn't need for her. Now, if she can deal prudently with her money, I think she can make it. This is something she can't seem to control and is her pattern to overspend, even tho her income is limited. We are concerned for her, but can't manage her life. She has regained custody of 13 year old Tiffany and they are very happy to be together. Hope things continue to go well. You can only do so much to help, then it is up to them. Enuf prattling about my friends. It looks like you are always busy as usual, which is good for all. Good luck on the school year and activities. I loved the pictures of both kids and their soccor games. Love, Mom