Every good and perfect gift is from above.
~James 1:17

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Well, it's been over a week now, so I guess it's time for a new post! :-) Soccer ended on Saturday with a special day of soccer games and activities. It was extremely hot and humid, but we kept the kids cool by squirting them with water and making them drink a lot of water. A fire truck came and sprayed all the kids down, which they all enjoyed! Now that we don't have to rush out to the soccer field every night, we have our evenings free! Soccer was great for the kids, but it is kind of nice now to have a more relaxed schedule.

Grant and Katie are attending VBS this week at our church. They are both excited that friends from the homeschool co-op are in each of their classes. Yesterday they played for an hour with their friends while the moms talked! :-) So, we planned a picnic and playtime at a park for today after VBS. That way the kids can keep playing and we can keep talking! :-)


Jen said...

Kim-- the kids look like they had a great time at VBS! Was the theme sunshine Island or something island-ish? I think that is the same one my mom did at their church. Thanks for the comments about the friendship article I posted recently, hopefully this fall I am looking at getting into a woman's bible study group at our new church, we started there just as things were ending for the school year so, it has been hard to get super connected throughout the summer. I hope the rest of the summer is relaxing and fun with the kids. When do you all start school again?

~Kim said...

It was "Son Treasure Island" and I think all the churches in the area used this theme for their VBS this year. It was good and the kids had fun, too. They did not want it to be over! :-)
That is great that you're getting into a women's Bible study! That will be a good way to connect with some of the women at your church.
We will start school on Sept.5th.

Anonymous said...

The Arizona woman is still here with all the heat and humidity. All is well. Talked to Kevin the other night. He was very verbose....for him that is. Will tell you about it the next time we talk. Love, Mom